About NWT Staff

A. Waheed Jan
A graduate in History and Art, Waheed has spent several years exploring the beauty and secrets of the mountain tribes of Pakistan. Has led many tours in Pakistan. His enthusiasm for nature, history, art, and architecture led him to travel to 80 countries around the world. A freelance photographer and travel writer to have inked a spate of books, articles, and write-ups on travel and tourism. He is working on different projects to promote tourism in Pakistan. He speaks Urdu, Pushto, Punjabi, Persian, and German besides English. He has specifically commanding information on Gandhara civilization and has devoted impressive books on the subject. MTP boasts to have Waheed on board – as an outdoor leader – with his vast and versatile experiences.

Hamid Hussain
An enthusiast all-rounder in trekking and cultural tours, Hamid has got excellent professional outdoor skills in addition to effectively managing the company’s outdoor operations. Currently, in his early thirties, he made his debut in tourism in the teen-age. Member of Alpine Club of Pakistan, he is known for his physical endurance, agility, and sense of humor in the outdoors. He is an avid photographer and learned a lot while working with renowned Japanese photographer Mr. Hiroki Fujita `{`who spent 8 years in Pakistan to complete his art books on “The Karakoram”, “Kingdom of Ice”, “The Gandhara”, “The Guide Book Karakorum Himalaya” and “Mountains of Himalaya”`}`. As a liaison officer/ interpreter, he facilitated the Japanese Television “NHK” in producing a video- a documentary on the Karakorams. He speaks Japanese besides English. He passed Gondoghoro Pass several times besides passing a lot number of other passes.

Farman Ali
Farman literally means authority/order which he likes to exercise while working for MTP. After graduation and choosing journalism as a part-timer, he devotes sufficient time to the company’s operations based in the northeast town of Skardu. He’s a consulting role in planning, managing, and coordinating groups on mountaineering, trekking, and guiding in the outdoors. He’s got an impressive exposition and appearance but speaks lesser so as not to disturb others. Additionally, he is translating a series of “Kaisar” epics (from Balti to English) for Japanese Prof. Chitose Okada of Momoyama University, Osaka.

Siddiq Hassan
Physically thin yet professionally stronger, Hassan joined MTP in his teens. Graduated while studying during off-time winters. Simultaneously works for MTP and Trango Adventures on an assignment basis. Feels good carrying out all-round activities mainly dealing with culture/adventure operations for these two sister concerns. During summers he conducts outdoor groups as a “tourist guide”. Liaised as a guide/ English translator with Mr. Giovanni Diffidenti (an Italian freelance international photojournalist) for documenting the post-quake plights of Azad Kashmir and NWFP in Pakistan. He’s a good player of skiing learned from Switzerland during his two years stay in an international Boarding School, “Ecole d’humanite” in the Swiss Alps. He’s also a member of the Alpine Club and Adventure Foundation of Pakistan.

Rozi Ali
Rozi has been a unique member of MTP staffers. Started tourism as a porter-cum-cook, Rozi rose to such heights in the adventure that the world’s renowned climber Reinhold Messner kept him (Rozi) attached in all his worldly adventures in Northern Pakistan. Messner personally invited Rozi (as a token of appreciation) to visit Italy and Europe. This invitation was based on a friendly bet won by Rozi off Messner while submitting K-2. In addition, he also worked with other world’s renowned climbers like Hanz Kammerlander, Douglas Scott, Peter Haber, and Renato Casarotto.

Ghulam Raza
Born in Shigar valley – the gateway to K-2, Raza started off his career as a Sardar (porter-head). He has been with MTP for 15 years as an adventure guide. Raza is regarded among the pioneer members of MTP which introduced horse-trekking for the first time in Northern Pakistan in collaboration with an Italian company “Globe Granite”. In this initiative, major credit goes to Raza. He is among the top contemporary guides having had the experience of all major trekking routes.

M. Iqbal
He is one of the experienced adventure guides. He loves staying out outdoors with clients of diverse backgrounds. He’s crossed almost all major passes in Northern Pakistan and as such he is familiar with all major adventure and trekking routes.

Ghulam Hassan:
Born in Chorbat valley and now settled in Skardu. He is a robust trekking guide and maintaining the elusive record of passing Mashebrum La for the last time with a Swiss Expedition group in 1992. Since then no expedition party is able to pass La due to the emergence of heavy and steep crevasses.

Akhond Ibrahim
Born and raised in Machulu- Baltistan, Ibrahim graduated from the University of Punjab and joined MTP 15 years back as an adventure guide. He has the unique record of passing the most difficult pass Gondoghoro at least 50-60 times. Another unique record he is having is to get past the youngest (14-year Canadian boy) and oldest (85-year Japanese) trekkers over the Gondoghoro La with a height of 5,800 meters. He also works for a newspaper as a part-time job.

Iqbal Qadiri
Born in Kande village – one of the experienced adventure guides. Started tourism as a cook, he has been with MTP since 1995 as an adventure guide. Iqbal also knows all trekking routes in northern Pakistan and crossed all passes in Baltistan, Gilgit, and Hunza valleys.

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